Belted Galloway Beef

High quality, homebred, grass-fed, pedigree Belted Galloway beef, with marbling and exceptional flavour!

Our cattle are used primarily for their conservation grazing. They are a hardy breed that are reared as naturally as possible. This helps towards giving the beef a great taste. Belted Galloway's are a slow maturing breed, with nice marbling and flavour throughout the meat. 

All our beef is homebred and from a High Health Status herd, therefore we can ensure we are supplying only the highest quality beef, with full traceability.

The animals leave the farm between 30 and 36 months of age. The meat is hung for 21 days before being cut up. We use skilled family butchers to cut the meat up and vacuum pack it. We pick it up the same day, label it and freeze it- with any pre-ordered meat delivered fresh that day.

The meat is a darker colour, due to its age and the process of hanging. The visible fat in the meat is marbling which when cooked, melts away, giving the beef a superb flavour.

Want to try some "Croasdale Belted Galloway Beef"?

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Not from the local area?

If you're not from the Clitheroe area, but would still love to try some of our Croasdale Belted Galloway Beef, then do not fear... we are currently in the process of trialling UK Nationwide delivery! If this would be of interest to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.