At Croasdale we run a commercial flock of ewes; predominantly a Swaledale flock, we then put Lleyn tups on these ewes to produce a hardy cross ewe that rear Texel  cross lambs, in order to produce more lambs that suit the market demands. On the in-bye ground we run a flock of pure Lleyn ewes to make use of the better ground and breed our own tups.  

Our calendar year for the sheep begins in November;

November - Ewes (females) are put to the Tups (males), with the aim for the lambs to be born in April - the gestation period of a sheep is 145 days.

January - Ewes are pregnancy scanned and supplemented with feed in accordance to how many lambs they are bearing.

April - Lambing time begins!

June/July - It's shearing time for all the sheep. Shearing off their wool coats in the summer months is done for the welfare of the animals.

August - As the lambs have now grown, we begin weighing and selling them for meat, whilst the ewes are given a couple months rest before November.