Farming with Nature

We are firm believers that farming and the environment can work hand-in-hand, and we aim to farm in a nature friendly and sustainable manner.


In the words of Sir David Attenborough

“For grasslands to be rich and diverse, they have to be grazed”

Our farm is home to a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). We graze this land with our Belted Galloway cattle and sheep, and thanks to the cattle’s selective grazing of molinia during summer, they are encouraging the growth of flora (native plant species) and fauna in these areas. This is enhancing the biodiversity across the farm, allowing butterflies and insects to flourish. This grazing technique is also helping to protect the fell from the risk of natural wildfires occurring, and we are currently seeing if the cattle can be further used to manage the heather, as an alternative to burning.

For our inbye land, soil and nutrient management is at the forefront of our grassland focus. We look for ways to minimise our fertiliser usage, most recently by growing herbal leys, in order to be more sustainable and increase the carbon sequestration across the farm. Through better soil management, we also see greater animal welfare benefits, including more nutritious food sources for the stock.

An ongoing aim for our farm over the years has been to improve the habitats and environments for a wide array of species. This in turn has helped over 60 different types of birds to nest on the farm, including several protected species. We see our cattle and sheep playing a vital role in managing the land through winter by grazing rushes, to make it more favourable for wading birds such as the curlews, lapwings and oyster catchers to nest in the spring.

Over two kilometres of hedgerows have now been planted around the farm, as well as clough woodlands and in-field trees. These have been great projects to enhance the biodiversity on the farm by connecting wildlife corridors, at the same time as providing shelter for our stock.  There are now also many different wild flowers to be seen in our hay meadow and species rich areas on the inbye land.